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Melodius and the Soulforge: Cleanup progression

This new version of the Cleanup incorporates an older melody of mine to create a much more interesting and complicated progression with less repetition. I'm thinking of having it just be piano, but I might try to come back and re-orchestrate this version of it once I make a few other songs better.

2:37 minutes (2.39 MB)

This audio is based on the following rifflet(s): 
Melodius Act 2 Cleanup Scene

Smooth Vintage

This was just something I slapped together to play with mixing drums for the first times. I'm on all instruments here... including the drums, badly. The drum set was awful, I practically had to synthesize the snare because it was literally held together with Duct tape... it was doctored with a significant amount of tube saturation, EQ, and triggered tone/noise.

1:34 minutes (2.15 MB)

Hustle My Flow

derived from an existing song from the movie Hustle n Flow

0:13 minutes (211.88 KB)

Fuzzy Overload

Way too much fake fuzz. Even the hand claps are fuzzy.

0:56 minutes (1.29 MB)


Fake bass, warm electric guitar and a Garageband drum loop

0:45 minutes (1.04 MB)

Chomp Nom Nom (more ideas?)

A tasty little chew of bass drums and synth I put together one evening. I'm at a loss for what to do and where to take it so its free to all of you to do with what you may. Email me the results, I'll be excited no matter what you've done!

1:31 minutes (1.74 MB)

Optimistic No1.

This is a riff made in Ableton using synths,drums, and a sandwich.

1:05 minutes (1014.33 KB)

rock disco

rock disco

2:40 minutes (3.05 MB)


Drum Synth, 2 guitars, and a fretless bass, free-jamming using Reaper (Possible Audacity too, it's been awhile.)
The original piece was 3 minutes, but in this bit, everything just suddenly synched up nicely. I have no idea how to make a complete song out of it, but if anyone wants to play with it, have at it... It loops really well.

0:16 minutes (253.1 KB)

Melodius and the Soulforge: Frozen Harmless

Edits: full demo version, much better than the other although it only has one vocal track now.

3:02 minutes (2.79 MB)

This audio is based on the following rifflet(s): 
Melodius and the Soulforge: Frozen Harmless

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