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Waiting (revised)

This is a 2007 revision of the music bed for a song that my former band recorded back in 2001. We never released the original and my cousin and I were considering revamping the tune for re-recording. I did this demo in PTLE using Sampletank for the (albeit simple) drum and bass tracks. The acoustic was mic'd with an sm-57 and I did the guitar tracks with my tele through my Marshall JCM 900 2x12 with minimal effects if I remember correctly. I was trying to keep it pretty simple for the sake of the demo.

2:31 minutes (2.31 MB)

Reggae Rumble

Screwing around with a VST guitar processor, Guitar Rig 2 I think.

0:38 minutes (591.47 KB)


0:58 minutes (1.26 MB)


percussion drum track

4:18 minutes (3.94 MB)

This audio is based on the following rifflet(s): 
Drums with feeling

Melodius Act 2 Scene 3, or Act 1 Daydream Scene

This theme could come in for act 1 as a daydream scene, or it could work for Act 2 Scene 3 (the Love scene). I hate slow love scene music, and obviously any metal opera needs something a bit punchier.

3:31 minutes (3.22 MB)

Before it all Begins

Keane/Coldplay inspired riff, need some vocal tracks. My first submission, love this site and concept.

4:27 minutes (4.08 MB)

My Parent's Basement

This song was written to parody those of us who just don't seem to get the goddam picture. You know who you are - wearing your black t-shirt with the lightning bolts striking the eagle. Yeah you, how's that Bowflex workin' out?

3:21 minutes (3.83 MB)


Ambient strings, melodic guitars, fast-driven beat, distorted background, nice bass.

2:37 minutes (2.91 MB)


Some Strat, tremolo and slide. 1997

0:51 minutes (1.16 MB)

Don't Answer The Phone

Three bass lines and a Garageband drum loop.

2:16 minutes (2.08 MB)

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