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The Modern Riffer is starting a series on getting great sound in a home studio. Got any tips? Any ideas not work? How did you get your signature sound? Read the first post on getting expensive sounding vocals from a cheap microphone.

Open Tune

played with an old fender classical guitar

0:59 minutes (921.67 KB)

Melodius Background with Long Progression

This theme has a super-long chord progression in it, if you bear with it till the end, it does cycle back to the original theme again. It sounds sorta quiet but I have the level blasting, it's just the particular keyboard effect's low attack curve that makes it sound quieter.

2:50 minutes (2.6 MB)

Luka ft RPK,Natasha and AMPLI-My Hero

Luka ft RPK,Natasha and AMPLI-My Hero

3:59 minutes (3.65 MB)

Angry Nerds in 7/8

This is part of an older original song, the part was cut but I've always liked it. Fast and angry, and usually played on a bass but all I have is my acoustic guitar on hand right now...

0:35 minutes (554.33 KB)

Melodius and the Soulforge Interlude Demo

It wouldn't be very metal of me not to upload something on friday the 13th. I finally got my computer hooked up with the multitracker, and now with the screenplay nearly done I am back to working on a more polished sound. This demo doesn't have drums but I think I at least have figured out how to hook everything up. For more info on the MATSF project, see:

1:12 minutes (1.11 MB)

I've got a Story

Very rough first draft of song idea. Recorded on mobile phone. Acoustic guitar and voice. Mumbled and made up words. Enjoy.

2:06 minutes (1.93 MB)

2 tempos

i don't have a name for this little riff. i included 2 tempos. start and end are the same.. the one the in the middle is slower.. i don't know what i like better. but i figure if i load em both i can forget about it and start playing something new ;)

1:01 minutes (1.16 MB)

Maybe Maybe

Just a simple song with simple words, i think bob dylan style or something...

2:27 minutes (2.24 MB)

I'm Already There


1:22 minutes (1.87 MB)


1:51 minutes (2.12 MB)

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