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The Modern Riffer is starting a series on getting great sound in a home studio. Got any tips? Any ideas not work? How did you get your signature sound? Read the first post on getting expensive sounding vocals from a cheap microphone.


Drum Synth, 2 guitars, and a fretless bass, free-jamming using Reaper (Possible Audacity too, it's been awhile.)
The original piece was 3 minutes, but in this bit, everything just suddenly synched up nicely. I have no idea how to make a complete song out of it, but if anyone wants to play with it, have at it... It loops really well.

0:16 minutes (253.1 KB)

Melodius up/down loop with drums

This loop will go in MATSF during a bridge in the action. The levels are a bit messed up because it's an ancient track. The drums need work... a whole lotta work, they're basically a click track in this.

2:56 minutes (2.69 MB)


percussion drum track

4:18 minutes (3.94 MB)

This audio is based on the following rifflet(s): 
Drums with feeling

This is a full working demo of 'secret in my mind', complete with vocals and electronic drums. I will add in more keys on the final studio version, but this is what the general feel of the song will be.

3:46 minutes (3.45 MB)

This audio is based on the following rifflet(s): 
Melodius and the Soulforge: secret in my mind

Prop elec bass test

test of Propellerheads new electric bass refill, fender precision overdrive

0:18 minutes (565.65 KB)

short waltz

a fast waltz///something like intro///guitars,woodwinds,strings,drum kit///

0:23 minutes (370.66 KB)


The bass is getting deep down. I guess the beat is somehow "harder" than usual. Some sound effects are in there too.

2:46 minutes (2.53 MB)

MATSF Act 2 scene 2 remix

A concept for the remix of act 2 scene 2. Here I try to push the guitar lower and pull the harmonies higher.

0:36 minutes (564.53 KB)

This audio is based on the following rifflet(s): 
Melodius Act 2 Scene 2

Mission Slice

0:37 minutes (719.84 KB)

War to End All Wars

Last demo for the 5-song EP for Tales of Arthur volume one pending as soon as i can get the cover art done.

3:16 minutes (3 MB)

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