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The Modern Riffer is starting a series on getting great sound in a home studio. Got any tips? Any ideas not work? How did you get your signature sound? Read the first post on getting expensive sounding vocals from a cheap microphone.


made in Hydrogen and distorted using izotope Trash and Audition

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My song

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The music is gentle and has bells.

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This audio is based on the following rifflet(s): 
After Twilight

Idea called "Greasy"

just heard this super-relaxed drums so I had to record some lines. Have fun!

1:14 minutes (1.41 MB)

Here comes more metal opera

Got my rig fixed at long last. Ready for more metal opera? I sure am! Also, there is no delay effect on this, i just play the notes twice with a little bit of lag in just the right spots... that allows me to control when the delay sound is happening a lot better than some digital delay ever could.

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bew aka doc12

a breakfast collabo

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Melodius and the Soulforge Act 1 Overture

This is the overture to Act 1 of my metal opera, "Melodius and the Soulforge". There are 3 tracks that I can separate out, I would prefer that this piece of music is enhanced only for inclusion in my metal opera project, which is a community-contributed work.

2:07 minutes (1.94 MB)

Bell Riff

I really like this little riff. I still might actually do something with it myself, but here you go.

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Melodius' Ascends Theme

This theme is a start at the idea for Melodius' ascending to "heaven". The piano comes in about halfway through.

2:13 minutes (2.03 MB)


Another Soundcheck, Crossover-Rock with virtual instruments.

3:51 minutes (3.53 MB)

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My song flowfficer

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