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The Modern Riffer is starting a series on getting great sound in a home studio. Got any tips? Any ideas not work? How did you get your signature sound? Read the first post on getting expensive sounding vocals from a cheap microphone.


Funny what ends up coming out of a guitar on a lunch hour. Whatever I ate on my break that lead me to play that solo is worth writing down. I don't know what the hell I played there, but I like it.

1:09 minutes (1.05 MB)


1:30 minutes (2.08 MB)

I've got a Story

Very rough first draft of song idea. Recorded on mobile phone. Acoustic guitar and voice. Mumbled and made up words. Enjoy.

2:06 minutes (1.93 MB)

Closed Stabs

Bassy and ambient techno song. It urgently needs something on top, but i don't know what. Please improve it.

3:17 minutes (3.02 MB)

Test Ambience

As the name implies... strange athmosphere and beats.

2:27 minutes (2.24 MB)

My song


12:15 minutes (39.75 MB)
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winter splinter

2:39 minutes (2.43 MB)

Luka- Mpfareleni (I'm SORRY)

Luka- Mpfareleni (I'm SORRY)

3:17 minutes (3 MB)

Piano and Vibes Loop

I always thought this was a pretty hypnotic little loop. Never could work it into anything though.

0:36 minutes (846.57 KB)

Slave Song

This could technically be a really short full song, but I'm not finished with it yet. I came up with a fairly dour Am-E progression, and then my guitar instructor came up with the little repeated bridge. It adds a nice flair to the song.

Naturally, something so morose needed complementary lyrics. So I chose the metaphor of slavery.

1:36 minutes (1.46 MB)

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