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The Modern Riffer is starting a series on getting great sound in a home studio. Got any tips? Any ideas not work? How did you get your signature sound? Read the first post on getting expensive sounding vocals from a cheap microphone.

Stale Chocolates (The Bittersuite)

I was helping a friend of mine clean out his dorm in preparation for his move back home, and we found a box of chocolates from his ex-girlfriend. He commented that they were extremely stale. Poignant, I thought.

This song was expanded to a suite for the sole purpose of using the "bittersuite" pun. Pretty pathetic. ;)

PS. my mispronunciation of the Shakespearean name "Gloucester" has already been brought to my attention and will be corrected in future recordings.

5:40 minutes (5.2 MB)


experimenting with automation.

1:00 minutes (1.38 MB)


An old Fasttracker II song. A drum loop played simultaneously in different speeds combined with some flutes and stuff.

1:04 minutes (1001.38 KB)

short waltz

a fast waltz///something like intro///guitars,woodwinds,strings,drum kit///

0:23 minutes (370.66 KB)

Two Personalities

0:15 minutes (235.14 KB)


Looking for guitarist who plays the guitar track

2:38 minutes (3.01 MB)


An instrumental I used for showing off some things. Recorded with Riffworks using free rex drum samples, my bass guitar, my guitar and a Zoom G2.1u for all effects. Tell me what you think!

2:28 minutes (5.67 MB)


Combined a very distorted software casio with a slow kick and snare drum pattern

0:34 minutes (802.49 KB)

This audio is based on the following rifflet(s): 
Kick-snare pattern

With Me Tonight Demo

Piano and vocal, no effects whatsoever. This is just how good my (free software, super low cost equipment) setup sounds now.

1:47 minutes (1.64 MB)


1:51 minutes (2.12 MB)

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