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The Modern Riffer is starting a series on getting great sound in a home studio. Got any tips? Any ideas not work? How did you get your signature sound? Read the first post on getting expensive sounding vocals from a cheap microphone.


Some Strat, tremolo and slide. 1997

0:51 minutes (1.16 MB)

Late Night Acoustic

I was just messing around on my guitar... mess with it if you want.

1:01 minutes (954.74 KB)


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This audio is based on the following rifflet(s): 
A Few Seconds

Stinky Stairs

0:38 minutes (590.66 KB)

Bizarre Fountain of Youth

This is the result of a game in a board. All participants had to create a song based on a set of samples.

2:35 minutes (3.56 MB)


Folksy Guitar riff (regular tuning) Trying to pull of a riff that sounded similar to Johnathan Kingham's style.

0:32 minutes (510.66 KB)

Luka-Ft Master Lee-apologise

Luka-Ft Master Lee-apologise

3:25 minutes (3.13 MB)


0:16 minutes (312.8 KB)

Acoustic experiment

I had a touch of a tuning issue here, but listen how it resovles during the song. This is the trouble with a temper-tuned instrument. It can sound out of tune in one instance and in tune in another... ugh.

0:42 minutes (663.31 KB)


Combined a very distorted software casio with a slow kick and snare drum pattern

0:34 minutes (802.49 KB)

This audio is based on the following rifflet(s): 
Kick-snare pattern

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