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YAMT (Yet Another Melodius Theme) #27

I started numbering these because there are so many, that I will lose track if I just call them all "Melodius theme of some kind". Excuse the one-take guitar work, I have been meaning to clean that up.

2:31 minutes (2.31 MB)


1:20 minutes (1.23 MB)

No Tea

This is over a year old but I recently stumbled upon it.

1:07 minutes (1.03 MB)

chase scene thing

Just a randome session in Reason Adapted for PTLE (w/ some electric guitar added in). Did this fooling around one day in 2005.

2:37 minutes (3.6 MB)


1:30 minutes (2.08 MB)

Dream in progress

Just an idea i laid down on the fly

1:42 minutes (3.11 MB)


2:50 minutes (3.24 MB)

june 19, 2008

small acoustic riff

0:24 minutes (362.28 KB)


mmm I Don't Know

2:34 minutes (3.53 MB)

Melodius and the Soulforge: Composition on a Mission

Believe it, I am on a mission to finish these compositions. Updated - fixed a lot of stuff.

2:25 minutes (2.22 MB)

This audio is based on the following rifflet(s): 
Melodius and the Soulforge Act 1 Scene 1

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