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Melodius Act 2 Scene 4

Act 2 Scene 4 includes the dramatic moment where the AC reappears in the future and kitnaps Melodius' girl. From here out in act 2, the music takes on a more frantic, aggressive feel to coincide with Melodius' anxiety over getting her back soon.

1:56 minutes (1.77 MB)

My song

3:36 minutes (4.95 MB)


Kinda Melvins

1:55 minutes (2.65 MB)

Banjo song clip

dreamy banjo part.

0:15 minutes (351.27 KB)

Luka Ft Master Lee.Thinking About You

Luka Ft Master Lee.Thinking About You

3:20 minutes (3.06 MB)

Lots of Talking

Two alternating beats, like Mike Skinner rejects. Made in Hydrogen

0:27 minutes (646.63 KB)

Random Synths

Made this while learning how to use hydrogen. Very simple beat, uses the HardElectro drum set.

0:15 minutes (238.82 KB)

Luka ft Mafikizolo-Mlanjeni

Luka ft Mafikizolo-Mlanjeni

3:54 minutes (3.58 MB)

Melodius Bridge theme with Act 1 Intermission

This progression bridges into the Act 1 intermission clip at the end.

2:09 minutes (1.97 MB)

This audio is based on the following rifflet(s): 
Melodius Act 1 Intermission



2:38 minutes (3.7 MB)
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