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Melodius and the Soulforge Act 2 Intro

This is pretty close to the final version of the act 2 intro, mp3 format. I had to re-tune the song because I still cant afford a baritone guitar... hopefully one day I'll be able to get one. The sound quality on the actual CD is better.

2:22 minutes (2.17 MB)

This audio is based on the following rifflet(s): 
Melodius Act 2 Overture

A Few Seconds

0:34 minutes (795.76 KB)

go again

1:04 minutes (1.13 MB)


slow breakbeat with some bass over

0:22 minutes (426.06 KB)

My Parent's Basement

This song was written to parody those of us who just don't seem to get the goddam picture. You know who you are - wearing your black t-shirt with the lightning bolts striking the eagle. Yeah you, how's that Bowflex workin' out?

3:21 minutes (3.83 MB)

Synth Drum Loop (unedited)

A short drum loop I made but never edited, there be a few measures of usable stuff. Let me know if you use it, love to hear what people make.

1:04 minutes (1000.2 KB)

No Money Blues

This is a short idea with the feeling of what to do when you´ve got no money.

0:37 minutes (727.08 KB)


guitar and a drum loop from the internets

1:01 minutes (956.37 KB)


my 1st up load test

0:32 minutes (755.35 KB)

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