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acoustic guitar

Late Night Acoustic

I was just messing around on my guitar... mess with it if you want.

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I'd Like to Sleep

A sleepy little ditty for all you bleary-eyed raddevon.com fans! On February 20th, raddevon video will feature the process of recording and uploading this song as narrated by me. Be sure to check it out.

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Walking The Train

had to tune my guitar down and somehow came to this riff. played on a takamine, tuned to C-G-C-F-A-D.

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july 5, 2008

acoustic riff with 2 parts

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2 tempos

i don't have a name for this little riff. i included 2 tempos. start and end are the same.. the one the in the middle is slower.. i don't know what i like better. but i figure if i load em both i can forget about it and start playing something new ;)

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june 28, 2008

another acoustic guitar riff

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june 27, 2008

another guitar riff

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june 26, 2008

acoustic guitar riff

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Sour Lemonade

Drums made in Hydrogen, bass is a synth Casio, acoustic guitar is from a yardsale.

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june 19, 2008

small acoustic riff

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