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1997,strat, super reverb, Small Stone. Thanks rifflet for recycling my old stuff!!!

1:12 minutes (1.65 MB)


Just recorded a quick idea

2:23 minutes (2.74 MB)

Bizarre Fountain of Youth

This is the result of a game in a board. All participants had to create a song based on a set of samples.

2:35 minutes (3.56 MB)


Hooray, i got my midi-keyboard to work (i was keyboardless for about half a year)! So i just played some tracks and mixed them together. Was 90 minutes work.

0:57 minutes (889.02 KB)

Test Ambience

As the name implies... strange athmosphere and beats.

2:27 minutes (2.24 MB)

The Complete Idiots Guide To Atomic Warfare

This is a collaboration song between me and an internet friend of mine. We started with nothing than a beat, added stuff and sent each other mp3s of the current version. This is the final result. A very ambient electronic breakbeat.

5:20 minutes (4.89 MB)

Closed Stabs

Bassy and ambient techno song. It urgently needs something on top, but i don't know what. Please improve it.

3:17 minutes (3.02 MB)


Ambient strings, melodic guitars, fast-driven beat, distorted background, nice bass.

2:37 minutes (2.91 MB)


Slow ambient track with a few beats over...

1:04 minutes (1.23 MB)



2:24 minutes (2.75 MB)

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