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Texas Slice

0:42 minutes (827.91 KB)


An instrumental I used for showing off some things. Recorded with Riffworks using free rex drum samples, my bass guitar, my guitar and a Zoom G2.1u for all effects. Tell me what you think!

2:28 minutes (5.67 MB)

Idea called "Greasy"

just heard this super-relaxed drums so I had to record some lines. Have fun!

1:14 minutes (1.41 MB)


0:50 minutes (1.2 MB)

Optimistic No1.

This is a riff made in Ableton using synths,drums, and a sandwich.

1:05 minutes (1014.33 KB)

Chimey Arpeggios with Subsonic Bass

0:42 minutes (994.74 KB)

Children playing outside with Napalm

Funny and fast electronic Techno-Beats.

2:42 minutes (2.48 MB)


The bass is getting deep down. I guess the beat is somehow "harder" than usual. Some sound effects are in there too.

2:46 minutes (2.53 MB)

The Complete Idiots Guide To Atomic Warfare

This is a collaboration song between me and an internet friend of mine. We started with nothing than a beat, added stuff and sent each other mp3s of the current version. This is the final result. A very ambient electronic breakbeat.

5:20 minutes (4.89 MB)

Closed Stabs

Bassy and ambient techno song. It urgently needs something on top, but i don't know what. Please improve it.

3:17 minutes (3.02 MB)

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