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An instrumental I used for showing off some things. Recorded with Riffworks using free rex drum samples, my bass guitar, my guitar and a Zoom G2.1u for all effects. Tell me what you think!

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Walking The Strings

Chords and walking bassplayed by one guitar plus drum sample. Check out the groove on youtube (comments are welcome):

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Walking The Train

had to tune my guitar down and somehow came to this riff. played on a takamine, tuned to C-G-C-F-A-D.

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Guitar solo needs developing

Solo guitar needs someone to develop if u do please tell me and send a copy at gwlharries@hotmail.com

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Strong beat with guitar licks and strings.

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A hybrid between funk beats and a spanish solo guitar

1:51 minutes (1.7 MB)

A Few Seconds

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Lo-fi riff produced maybe about a year ago. A decent virgin contribution in my opinion. Took a favorite re-discovered small two bar riff and edited it in Audacity to loop. (There's a skip in the track so if any one can help me out with that contact me plz)

Love the idea of the site, you all will definitely see me around.

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