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original acoustic guitar blueskydeluxe

carbon copy

stop breathing. keep working. stop feeling. keep working. stop thinking. keep working.

3:02 minutes (3.48 MB)


Funny what ends up coming out of a guitar on a lunch hour. Whatever I ate on my break that lead me to play that solo is worth writing down. I don't know what the hell I played there, but I like it.

1:09 minutes (1.05 MB)

My Parent's Basement

This song was written to parody those of us who just don't seem to get the goddam picture. You know who you are - wearing your black t-shirt with the lightning bolts striking the eagle. Yeah you, how's that Bowflex workin' out?

3:21 minutes (3.83 MB)

lovely lady

I can't say that everyone has met someone like this. Yet, somehow most people can relate. I think this song is best unplugged, naked, and without bass or drums - though I have never met a bongo player with enough skills to say it could work, but who knows.

3:11 minutes (3.65 MB)

these things i break

This song was fun to write. I defintely didn't think this song should be sung too strongly, so the vocals are more raw. Could use cello or some slide guitar for more continuous tone.

2:48 minutes (3.2 MB)

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