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Luka ft Sfiso-My Love Song

Luka ft Sfiso-My Love Song

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Hooray, i got my midi-keyboard to work (i was keyboardless for about half a year)! So i just played some tracks and mixed them together. Was 90 minutes work.

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Just another test beat for demonstrating

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Melodius and the Soulforge Act 1 Overture

This is the overture to Act 1 of my metal opera, "Melodius and the Soulforge". There are 3 tracks that I can separate out, I would prefer that this piece of music is enhanced only for inclusion in my metal opera project, which is a community-contributed work.

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Reggae Rumble

Screwing around with a VST guitar processor, Guitar Rig 2 I think.

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Quiety by Terd Furgusun

teisco guitar and walgreens keyboard

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