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Open Source Recording Guide


Multi-track recording program, like Adobe Audition
CD ripping software
LAME MP3 Encoder
If you don't know what this does, I'm not telling.
Free digital audio editor
Traverso DAW
Open Source multi-track recording program
Hobnox AudioTool
Online drum machine and effects. Loaded with future-sounds
Hydrogen Advanced Drum Machine
Very easy to use Open Source drum machine
ID3 Intelligent Tagger
Add ID3 data to your .mp3 file so Rifflet doesn't bother you about title and author info.


10 Hallmarks of Amateur Recordings
Not that you'd ever do any of these. From the awesome Hometracked recording blog.
the monster, and a good place to start
Mic Placement
a good primer on micing guitar amps and drum sets
Creating Realistic Sequenced Drum Parts
help making drum machines sound a little more human, from Sound on Sound magazine

Libraries & Resources

The Freesound Project
an open database of Creative Commons-licensed sounds
a free site where you can search for sound effects and musical instrument samples
A growing community resource for all things related to audio and recording - Your 1st link directory for free loops & samples on the net!
Links to lots of audio communities as well as free samples