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YKWIB_you knw who i be

After a long silence, The Sleek Music
front man, JTM (Jay Town Montana)
has returned wit a hit banger titled '
You know Who I Be' (YKWIB). A rap
track thats recorded in both English
and Hausa languages with great use of
paranomasia (word play) turning it into
a hip hop masterpiece. Don' t need to
say much though, Download, share and
rebroadcast the dope track which will
also mark the change of his stage
name, from JTM to TYB.

3:20 minutes (3.18 MB)

Bmn a la Funk

Nice funky beat with a horn section

0:39 minutes (1 MB)


Nice hard rock riff with bass, drums and rhythm guitars and lead.

0:33 minutes (513.1 KB)

Funky Bits

Its a funky style piece I created for a song, and I guess anyone can use it it they want.. it´s a simple riff using drums, bass, guitar and horns..

0:46 minutes (725.35 KB)

My song

0:41 minutes (1.56 MB)

My song

394.93 KB
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My song

0:13 minutes (206.98 KB)

7/4 time trance

7/4 time signature trance bit

2:30 minutes (5.73 MB)

7/4 time sig drum

7/4 time signature drum loop

1:03 minutes (2.42 MB)

lithium sound

0:59 minutes (2.26 MB)