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1:47 minutes (2.45 MB)

Melodius and the Soulforge: 3-part break

Here's a 3-part break (3 drum parts) for some act or other. I got the guitar too loud on here, but how could I not? When you mic a guitar cabinet and it sounds like this, you can't help but have it too loud.

1:06 minutes (1.01 MB)


A remake of the most popular video game melody. Still unfinished and needs some polish...

5:13 minutes (4.79 MB)

One Trick Pony

100bpm Gm/A#/F/D# repeating

3:51 minutes (5.28 MB)

Check #21

lots of Danelectro distortion

0:23 minutes (458.72 KB)

Carbon Copy v2

I tried to clean up the drums. Not a drummer am I and this little POS kid set I was given does not help. Makes for a unique sound though that maybe adds to the dirtiness of this track.

3:02 minutes (3.48 MB)

This audio is based on the following rifflet(s): 
carbon copy


'Nother part from an old song. This part made the cut, but it has changed so much throughout the years of playing it that it's an entirely different song. Enjoy!

0:42 minutes (661.27 KB)

St. Patrick's Day

This is the original music bed for a song I really started to write lyrics for last fall. The drum and organ thing were something that I was wankin' around with one day a few years ago in Kontakt 2 and then I added the guitar riff last year. I still haven't finished the song, but I thought this demo would be something worth throwing out there.

2:48 minutes (2.56 MB)


Made this creepy sequence using a bunch of old synths.

1:09 minutes (1.06 MB)

Dreamer by Jupiter's Fall

3:42 minutes (3.5 MB)

UltraCat - One Nice Thing Once a Day

This track features an upbeat disco groove. Later in the song, a flute solo accompanies the mellow, uplifting beat.

Song credits:
Written and produced by UltraCat aka Yuriko Miyamoto and Jonah Dempcy.

5:00 minutes (3.44 MB)

Hope - Bridge

This is the bridge of a little ditty I created by cutting the hell out of a couple Rush songs. Specifically 2112, Turn The Page and Hope. Hope is originally in 6/8 played on a solo 12 strong guitar. I wanted it in 4/4. A few hours later I ended up with this.

1:14 minutes (2.27 MB)

carbon copy

stop breathing. keep working. stop feeling. keep working. stop thinking. keep working.

3:02 minutes (3.48 MB)

most basic drop-d

da da da, drop-d blah blah, first upload ever. it's not recorded very well, I'd slap a ton of FX on it.

0:20 minutes (550.11 KB)


Funny what ends up coming out of a guitar on a lunch hour. Whatever I ate on my break that lead me to play that solo is worth writing down. I don't know what the hell I played there, but I like it.

1:09 minutes (1.05 MB)

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