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Cherry Pop Rocks

This would be suitable for a singer/songwriter type song.. fortunately for you, I'm lousy at those, and I know it... so here you go. =) I would like to be attributed if you use it.

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About me using this I'm not saying I'm 100 percent sure if I'm using this or not cause I'm not sure what my song should be based on yet and dont have lyrics yet either so just saying I might or might not use this for the song I'm writing but thinking of using this for a different song.


I'm so glad I found something really good. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful acoustic instrumental! If it's ok i'd like to use this for a song I'm making for my school Euterpe club. I'll try my best to mix it with something godd what do you think of strings and piano with it. Should I make it a love song or a song about life? Hmmm.....

Wow! What a great music!

Wow! What a great music!

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